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Florida Gators – Tennessee Vols, A Brief History

In recent memory, the third game of the season in the SEC means the first fight for the SEC East lead.  Granted, the past several years have not been kind to Derek Dooley’s UT Vols, but the Orange and White have high hopes.

On the other side line, first year Gators coach Will Muschamp fully realizes the importance of this game.

Both teams are currently sitting at 2-0 and neither have played anyone of appreciable ability.  That all changes this weekend as the Vols travel to The Swamp to take on their SEC East nemesis, the Florida Gators.

I believe in history.  So, what does the series history indicate for this game?  Let’s take a look.  The Florida Gators lead the series 21-19.

Looking at the over all series, you cannot get much more even than that without being tied.  Both teams should be able to hold their head’s high knowing that their team is right there … dead even.


The Vols used to own this series.  In fact, in the beginning, UT held a commanding 10-0 series lead.  Of course, that was between 1916 – 1953.  Since 1953, the series has been led by the Boys from Florida … without the help of a calculator, I keep coming up with 21-9 … someone want to check my math on that one?

Breaking it down further, go ahead and begin the ‘new money’ chant … Florida has won 14 of the past 19 since the league went to the realignment format in 1992.  No matter how you slice it, that is ownership … at least partially.

But, knowing that the series is basically even … and knowing that the Gators have a lopsided advantage in modern history … what does that say about this particular year?

According to Vegas, Florida is a 10 point favorite in this week’s contest.  That does not bode well for the Vols.  At all.

Tennessee has shown some flashes in their first two games.  QB Tyler Bray has shown the ability to deliver the football in stride and has improved significantly on pre-reading defenses.  The UT offensive line has performed better than in recent memory in pass protection.  Run blocking has been adequate, but nothing to write home about.

On the other side of the line of scrimmage, the Tennessee defense has been largely ignored so far this season.  Other than giving up the big play (80 yard pass against Montana, 65 yard run against Cincinatti), the UT defense has made the in-game corrections to be successful.  Cincy was not a bad team.

The Gators have ho-hummed through the first two games, but most notably has been Jonathan Brantley’s performance in the new Gator offense.  Brantley was given up for dead at the end of last season … this year is a different story.  Brantley has actually been able to be comfortable in the pocket and the Gator offense is playing to his strengths.

The Florida defense has been rock solid in their opening two games.  Without diving in deep, the Gator defense matches up very well with the UT offense.

We still have most of a week to hear the smack talk, the nay sayers, and the banter that always follows this game … but once these two teams strap the chin straps, expect a hard hitting affair that will without a doubt leave one team standing tall … while the other one is spanked.

Who ya got?

SEC Football Schedule Sept 10th

SEC Football, week two, is already upon us … in a very quick (read:  I pushed for time) … so in a fast run down, here comes the SEC for the weekend of Sept 10th.  All times are EST.
Central Michigan at Kentucky Wildcats
ESPNU  Sirius 220 / XM 199

Kentucky looked horrible in their opener.  How is that for objectivity?  Seriously, the Wildcats could very well struggle with Central Michigan … even with the vaunted Randy Sanders aerial attack (insert snicker here).  Defensively, UK should by all rights and means should man handle an over matched Central Michigan team on both sides of the line of scrimmage.  Look for Kentucky to run, run, run the ball in a middle of the road win at home.

The Wildcats ARE 14 point home favorites … they get the win, but not sold they clear the spread.

Kentucky Wildcats 24
Central Michigan 13

#16 Mississippi State Bulldogs at N/R Auburn Tigers
SEC Network  Sirius 219 / XM 200

Auburn did not simply look bad in week one, they almost lost to Utah State.  Without the benefit of a perfectly executed onside kick, AU could easily be sitting at 0-1 while the Aggies sold dvd’s of their school’s greatest victory.  Auburn is rebuilding.  Yea, we get that.  Mississippi State, under Dan Mullen looked solid against Memphis in week one.

MSU has the 6th over all rushing offense in the nation.  What was AU’s primary weakness against the Aggies?  Yep, the rush.

Quit salivating Bulldogs fans.  This game will not be as easy as you think.  You played Memphis in week one, and Memphis flat out sucks.  AU is typically tough at home.  But if this game comes down to coaching rather than the athletes, I will take Dan Mullen any day of the week.

MSU is a 2 point road favorite.  AU is tough at home, but their run defense is suspect.  MSU wins and covers.

Mississippi State 31
Auburn  27

#3 Alabama Crimson Tide at #23 Penn State Nittany Lions
ABC  Sirius 220  XM 199

In normal fashion, Alabama played a gracious host to Kent State in the first week by spanking them soundly and sending them home.  Penn State fans, of course, have high hopes.  Alabama struggled in several phases of last year’s game.  Penn State struggled to move the football.  I

I will save you the cliches.  Bama is an 11 point road favorite and honestly?  I think they cover and win convincingly.

Alabama 34
Penn State 17

Cincinatti Bearcats at Tennessee Vols
PPV?  Sirius 216  XM 201

The Vols looked solid in their opening game.  Then again, they did play Montana.  Yay.   Yup, here comes another barn burner.  I am still not sold on the Derek Dooley coaching staff, at all.  The Vols were suspect against Montana at times in the passing game, but could not block the faster UT defense.  Cincy demolished poor little Austin Peay in their opener, 72-10.  Yes, very little can truly be gleaned from either win.  Normally, I would say UT is at home, but in recent history, that has not always mattered.  Cincinatti would love nothing more than to leave Knoxville at 2-0.

The Vols are favored by a whopping 4.5 points at home.  That speaks volumes of Vegas’ faith in the Big Orange.  I really want to take the Bearcats in this game.  I really do.  But, my SEC homerism is apparently coming out.

UT  28
Cincy  24

#12 South Carolina Gamecocks at Georgia Bulldogs
ESPN  Sirius 219  XM 200

The Gamecocks ride into Athens with a #12 national rank … the Bulldogs firmly placed Mark Richt’s tail onto the hot seat with a major loss against Boise State.  Go ahead Bulldog fans, deny it … talk about what a solid team Boise has … as they ride through the season against not much competition … only to lose to some non-descript team later in the season.  UGA is definitely rebuilding more than most of us would have thought.  SC will pound the ball right at them and will make Georgia like it.  Please Lord, do not let us have to sit through another XFL uniform competition game this season.

The Gamecocks are favored by 1.5 points.  A LOT rides on this game for Mark Richt.  Call me crazy … UGA has a TON riding on this one … win and it shuts a LOT of people up … lose and holy hell here comes the beer bottles from the cheap seats.

Georgia 35
South Carolina 31

S. Illinois Salukis at Ole Miss Rebels
PPV  Sirius 217  XM 197

No line on this game … LOL.  I would love to say it is because the Rebels are playing S. Ill … but it realistically isn’t.  Apparently, Vegas doesn’t want to lose their ass on this game.  Come on Rebels, errrrrr Black Bear fans, this game will give you plenty to cheer about.  Oh hell.

Ole Miss  24
S. Ill 10

New Mexico at #14 Arkansas Razorbacks
ESPNU  Sirius 216  XM 201

<insert Arkansas accolades here> … screw it, Razorbacks are favored by freaking 40.  They are playing New Mexico.  This game wouldn’t be any closer if they were playing Old Mexico.  Baaaaaaah!  Welcome to the slaughter party gameday paycheck people.

Arkansas  54
New Mexico  13

UAB Blazers at #18 Florida Gators
FSN  Sirius 220  XM 199

Cream Puffs 0  Gators 2.  UAB is UAB.  Florida is Florida.  Gators are favored by 23.  Take em to cover.

Florida Gators 38
UAB 10

Connecticut Huskies at Vanderbilt Commodores
Sirius 218  XM 201

Really?  Reaaaaaally?  Really?!?  UConn is a 5.5 point favorite.  If Vandy loses at home, will anybody be there to see it?  The fact there is even a line on this game speaks volumes.

Vandy 17
UConn 24

Northwestern State at LSU Tigers
PPV  Sirius 219  XM 200

Oh, our weekend schedule would not be complete without this gem of a game.  No line on this game, Tigers by half a million … space bucks.  Geeze.

LSU 54
NWS  0

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Are you ready?  Hell, I am past ready … now that has been taken off of the divorce auctioning block, it is time to roll.

The season is underway … and everybody is fully aware that, yes, Mark Richt IS on the hot seat.

The almost two year divorce process has definitely taken its toll … I know it took its toll on me last year … both on here and off line.  Rest assured, the biggest asshole in the SEC is back … the only question is:  Can you as a card carrying sheep-team member handle the truth?

Let’s get it on, it’s going to be a fun season punkin ;)

2011 SEC East Football Schedules

As when we took a look at the SEC West 2011 football schedules … the same question comes to mind:  how many money games are we facing this season?

While the SEC slates always pit “Any Given Saturday” teams head-to-head, fans are growing tired of the money games.

What are the Athletic Directors to do though?  Seriously, this is the toughest football league in the nation … why not schedule a few scrimmages while you are at it?

To top it off, in case you slept through last football season, outside of the South Carolina Gamecocks’ magical season … the SEC East was down … and not just from wins and losses.  The East was down in talent and we are not used to that.
Florida Gators 2011 Football Schedule:  Out of the twelve games, only three can be outright classified as money games … and not all of them are in September.

Florida Atlantic – Sept 3rd
UAB – Sept 10th
Tennessee – Sept 17th
@Kentucky – Sept 24th
Alabama – Oct 1st
@LSU – Oct 8th
@Auburn – Oct 15th
Open Date – Oct 22nd
Georgia – Oct 29th
Vanderbilt – Nov 5th
@South Carolina – Nov 12th
Furman – Nov 19th
Florida State – Nov 26th

The Gators have a new coach (two of them actually) … a new philosophy … and a fairly brutal schedule.  The season will hinge on the three game stretch of contests against Bama – @LSU -@Auburn.  Good thing the open date falls immediately after the Auburn game … just in time.

Georgia Bulldogs 2011 Football Schedule:  I have made a resolution, really I have … Mark Richt is not on the hot seat.  As long as Damon Evans is no longer calling the shots in Athens, Richt should be fairly safe … no matter whom he has to fire next.

The Bulldogs face Boise State in week one … and this will likely not be the Boise State team that has been screaming for “their fair shot”.  So, when UGA wins in week one, stay off of the dusty Schlitz and keep your eyes open.  The defending SEC East Champs will come calling.  After those two games, the Bulldogs do not have the luxury of consecutive multiple money games … just one in fact.

At least Damon helped secure a solid schedule, and scrimmages where they should fall (early and late) before he swerved himself out of a job in Athens.

Boise State – Sept 3rd
South Carolina – Sept 10th
Coastal Carolina – Sept 17th
@Ole Miss – Sept 24th
Miss State – Oct 1st
@Tennessee – Oct 8th
@Vanderbilt – Oct 15th
Open Date – Oct 22nd
@Florida – Oct 29th
New Mexico State – Nov 5th
Auburn – Nov 12th
Kentucky – Nov 19th
@Georgia Tech – Nov 26th

Sorry, I have to shake my head … from one glance, the schedule tends to look favorable … from a different angle, there are several trap games.  Much of this next season will hinge on offensive production … and whether or not the defensive line controls the line of scrimmage.

We are still a LONG way from teeing up the ball.

Kentucky Wildcats 2011 Football Schedule:  Well, I knew last season that the SEC East could literally suck … and over all, it pretty much did at times … but my irrational exuberance of picking Kentucky high has definitely worn off.

Taking a quick look at the schedule, there (should) be three bona fide money games on tap … with another that is extremely winnable (take that U of L).

Western Kentucky – Sept 3rd
Central Michigan – Sept 10th
Louisville – Sept 17th
Florida – Sept 24th
@LSU – Oct 1st
@South Carolina – Oct 8th
Open Date – Oct 15th
Jacksonville State – Oct 22nd
Miss State – Oct 29th
Ole Miss – Nov 5th
@Vanderbilt – Nov 12th
@Georgia – Nov 22nd
Tennessee – Nov 29th

Kentucky could be 3-0 rolling into the Florida game … good times.  After the next three weeks?  The Wildcats could easily be looking at 3-3.  It is not shocking to note that Kentucky could easily be staring down the barrel of a losing season if the defense does not play well.

South Carolina Gamecocks 2011 Football Schedule:  SEC EAST CHAMPS … can they go back-to-back.  Don’t laugh, it could happen.  Again, three money games are on the schedule for the Gamecocks … and bet your bottom dollar that East Carolina would love nothing more than leave Columbia with a win … as would Navy.

East Carolina – Sept 3rd
@Georgia – Sept 10th
Navy – Sept 17th
Vanderbilt – Sept 24th
Auburn – Oct 1st
Kentucky – Oct 8th
@Miss State – Oct 15th
Open Date – Oct 22nd
@Tennessee – Oct 29th
@Arkansas – Nov 5th
Florida – Nov 12th
THE Citadel – Nov 19th
Clemson – Nov 26th

South Carolina is a hungry team.  Fact.
South Carolina is not used to defending or playing for championships.  Fact.

This could be a fun year in Columbia.  That is still undecided.

Tennessee Vols 2011 Football Schedule:  The Vols will go to a bowl.  That is a given.  Yep, when you schedule (count em) F-O-U-R cream puffs on your football schedule, and only need to get to the six win plateau to go bowling … well, you do the math.  This schedule is almost embarrassing for an SEC team.

With an open date following three easy games (and one SEC war), the only remaining question is how many UT football players get arrested the first week of October?

North Texas – Sept 3rd
Cincinnatti – Sept 10th
@Florida – Sept 17th
Buffalo – Sept 24th
Open Date – Oct 1st
Georgia – Oct 8th
LSU – Oct 15th
@Bama – Oct 22nd
South Carolina – Oct 29th
Middle Tennessee St – Nov 5th
@Arkansas – Nov 12th
Vanderbilt – Nov 19th
@Kentucky – Nov 26th

While there are a couple of tough road trips on the schedule (both of them), this is the schedule that Lane Kiffin would have hung his hat on … what a joke.

Vanderbilt Commodores 2011 Football Schedule:  At times last season Vandy showed their team as better than what most prognosticators thought they were … they were just uncoached.  This is a new season.  Will we be seeing the “No More ‘Dore Mat” t-shirts?

If the rest of the schedule looked like the first game of the season … lol … we’ll see.  Just keep in mind that this could possibly NOT be the SEC East last place team.

Elon – Sept 3rd
UConn – Sept 10th
Ole Miss – Sept 17th
@South Carolina – Sept 24th
Open Date – Oct 1st
@Bama – Oct 8th
Georgia – Oct 15th
Army – Oct 22nd
Arkansas – Oct 29th
@Florida – Nov 5th
Kentucky – Nov 12th
@Tennessee – Nov 19th
@Wake Forest – Nov 26th

Several teams in the conference would really like to have this schedule.  There is a balanced mix of proxy teams and decent teams on the schedule … plus the away game slate is bad, but not horrible.  Vandy might steal a couple of wins this season that no one will see coming …

Please note that the Thursday and Friday night games are not listed on their actual dates … this is simply a week to week.

Jadeveon Clowney Signs with South Carolina Gamecocks

Every generation experiences one of those moments that they all will remember vividly for the rest of their lives.

On several occasions over the past 10 years, I have told my story of walking into my University 101 class at USC, and hearing the news that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center, and an hour later as I walked down Greene Street in Columbia, SC, the campus was in total chaos.  Today, that memory will begin to fade for many people in Columbia, and the vivid memory of where they were on February 14, 2011 will take its place.

Granted, and do not mistake this fact, I am in no way comparing that tragic event with today’s monumental signing of the best defensive lineman in the nation … the two are incomparable …

While the scene on Clemson’s campus probably resembles that devastating day in September of 2001, the students at the University of South Carolina are experiencing a much more delightful form of chaos, as Jadeveon Clowney has finally announced he will be a Gamecock in the fall.

The 6’6” 250lb DE out of South Pointe High School in Rock Hill, SC was a man of few words this morning, but to Gamecocks everywhere, he said all the right ones.


USC has completely dominated the state of South Carolina over the past year.   Over the summer, the Gamecocks knocked Clemson out of the CWS in Omaha before going on to win the National Title, in November,  Alshon Jeffery and Marcus Lattimore walked all over Clemson’s defense to embarrass the Tiger football team on their home turf, and in January,  the Cocks also took down the Tiger’s basketball team.

Today at 10:15 am, the Gamecocks made it very clear that they will continue to screw Clemson for many years to come, as they file their signed national letter of intent from the unanimous #1 overall prospect.

Despite all of the recent media chatter alluding to Jadeveon’s late lean towards Clemson, this announcement was not a huge shock for Gamecocks fans, or the USC athletic department.

It has been widely known that Jadeveon’s momma wanted him to stay close to home so she could see him play, but the lesser known factor was that Jadeveon has been wearing Garnet and Black, and attending games at Williams-Brice since he was just a pee wee football star.

During interviews this morning, Jadeveon expressed his excitement to play with the already signed Dixon brothers next year at USC, and his general excitement for the Gamecock football program that has been on the rise.

“It’s gonna be big,” Clowney said. “One of those years hopefully we can pull it off. … Hopefully we can win a national championship and start something while I’m down there.”

It is no secret that the biggest weakness of the historic 2010 Gamecock football team was its pass defense.  Finishing his senior year with 32.5 sacks and five defensive touchdowns, there is no doubt  that South Carolina’s 2010 “Mr. Football” will have an immediate and significant impact on Ellis Johnson’s squad.

My source told me last Friday that Jadeveon had called The Ol Ball Coach and gave him a verbal commitment around 5:00 pm.

Yeah, a week ago … just like I wrote then … you will learn.

One hour later, a writer from the New York Times published an online article stating that not only was Clowney a Clemson lean, it was highly doubtful that he would be academically eligible to play at either school.  I searched for a way to leave a comment and ask the “journalist” how they could morally publish slanderous, false information about a student athlete, but unfortunately, the New York Times has no interest in reader feedback.

Anyway, I assure you, this information is completely false.  Both Jadeveon and his coach were upset about this rumor, and both made it clear that there would be absolutely no problem with Jadeveon meeting NCAA qualifications.

Gamecocks everywhere have already declared this day “Clowney Day”, and have begun their celebrations for the completion of what was already the best recruiting class that USC has ever seen.

Welcome to the SEC, Jadeveon.  Suck it, Clemson.

SEC West 2011 Football Schedules First Look

We take a first, quick look at the 2011 SEC football schedules.  Are the schedules once again filled with cream puffs or the creme’ de la creme?

Are there any teams that have over loaded their schedules one direction or the other?

Taking a fast glance, what was the Athletic Director at North Texas thinking?  Was he thinking with the cash till in mind?

Over all, we have seen better … much better … schedules.  As a fan of the SEC, be prepared for the fallout that the 2011 season brings to the league.

Yes, the cat-calls will be brutal.

Alabama Crimson Tide:  The Junction Boys take on Kent State in week one … yeah … Kent State.  Expect this game to definitely be on regional pay-per-view at best … was Sister’s of the Poor busy on September 3rd?  Seriusly, the cup cake in week one allows the team prepare for a Penn State team that does anticipate to be better than last year’s version.

Kent State – Sept 3rd
@Penn State – Sept 10th
North Texas – Sept 17th
Arkansas – Sept 24th
@Florida – Oct 1st
Vanderbilt – Oct 8th
@Ole Miss – Oct 15th
Tennessee – Oct 22nd
Open Date – Oct 29th
LSU – Nov 5th
@Miss State – Nov 12th
Ga Southern – Nov 19th
@ Auburn – Nov 26th

The first thing that jumps out at me while scanning this schedule is the fact that the Tide must play eight consecutive games before reaching their open date … regardless of the two early season cup cakes the team faces, eight games is eight games.

The away game versus the Florida Gators will prove to be a key game for both teams.

The Arkansas and @Ole Miss could prove to be trap games for the Tide.

At least there are only two bona fide B$ games on this schedule.  Initial thoughts?  9-3-ish.

Arkansas Razorbacks:  Arkansas will be rebuilding and they need a season of cake … the first part of the season is full of money games for the Hawgs.

Mo State – Sept 3rd
North Mexico – Sept 10th
Troy – Sept 17th
@ Bama – Sept 24th
Texas A&M – Oct 1st
Auburn – Oct 8th
Open Date – Oct 15th
@Ole Miss – Oct 22nd
@Vandy – Oct 29th
South Carolina – Nov 5th
Tennessee – Nov 12th
Miss State – Nov 19th
@LSU – Nov 26th

How does Arkansas respond in the post-Ryan Mallet era?  It all depends on the offensive line and the running game.

Two utter cream puff games start the season … Troy might be tougher than expected, but it is at home.

I believe we all remember what happened the last time Arkansas visited Bama … Texas A&M at home is for conference pride more than a rivalry from when before the players were born.

Other than the season ending finale at LSU, the Hawgs have a favorable schedule, catching the toughest games at home.

Intial thoughts?  Too early to tell, but 8-4-ish is not outside of the realm.

Auburn Tigers:  No Fairley on defense … no Newton on offense … welcome to the year after …

Utah State – Sept 3rd
Miss State – Sept 10th
@Clemson – Sept 17th
Florida Atlantic – Sept 24th
@South Carolina – Oct 1st
@Arkansas – Oct 8th
Florida – Oct 15th
@LSU – Oct 22nd
Ole Miss – Oct 29th
Samford – Nov 5th
@Georgia – Nov 12th
Open Date – Nov 19th
Bama – Nov 26th

Good Lord … Two early season money games sandwiched between two good teams.  Just take a look at the “@’s” … this schedule could be murder for the defending BCS Champs … Initial thoughts – man … tough call … definitely rebuilding, but how bad?

LSU Tigers:  At least the Tigers had enough sense to catch Oregon at home … Even with the Ducks rebuilding to a certain extent, they are well coached.  Plus, an early season visit to West Virginia could show Tiger Nation what this team is made of.

Oregon – Sept 3rd
NW State – Sept 10th
@Miss State – Sept 17th
@ West Virginia – Sept 24th
Kentucky – Oct 1st
Florida – Oct 8th
@Tennessee – Oct 15th
Auburn – Oct 22nd
Open Date – Oct 29th
@Bama – Nov 5th
Southern Miss – Nov 12th
@Ole Miss – Nov 19th
Arkansas – Nov 26th

Over all, this schedule is tough.  The open date hits late enough in the season to allow the team to heal … and prepare for the annual war with the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Mississippi State Bulldogs:  Dan Mullen showed the conference, and the nation, that the Bulldogs are not playing around.  Does Mullen top last season’s success?

@Memphis – Sept 3rd
@Auburn – Sept 10th
LSU –  Sept 17th
La Tech – Sept 24th
@Georgia – Oct 1st
@UAB – Oct 8th
South Carolina – Oct 15th
Open Date – Oct 22nd
@Kentucky – Oct 29th
UT Martin – Nov 5th
Bama – Nov 12th
@Arkansas – Nov 19th
Ole Miss – Nov 26th

Mullen faces two road trips to start the season, only to catch LSU at home in the third.  The home and away schedule are both fairly balanced and the open date falls exactly where this team will need it … it is kind of embarrassing for an SEC school to have a road trip to UAB though.

Ole Miss:  Does Ole Miss once again exhibit the bend-and-then-break defense of a year ago?  Offensively, this team should be fine.  More importantly, I wonder what the over/under will be on the number of times the television commentators will call them the Ole Miss Rebels this season?

BYU – Sept 3rd
Southern Illinois – Sept 10th
@Vandy – Sept 17th
Georgia – Sept 24th
@Fresno State – Oct 1st
Open Date – Oct 8th
Bama – Oct 15th
Arkansas – Oct 22nd
@Auburn – Oct 29th
@Kentucky – Nov 5th
La Tech – Nov 12th
LSU – Nov 19th
@Miss State – Nov 26th

Over all, of the six teams in the Western Division, there are 14 bona fide out of conference cup cakes on the schedules … or right at 20% … expect the jeers and sneers once the rest of the country figures out there are more than two …

Can a BCS Champion come from this side of the conference?  Yes, it could happen … but with all of the late-late season open dates, it will be very tough … and too early to call.

Jadeveon Clowney to Gamecocks?

I was trying my best to not catch “Clowney Fever”, a documented viral epidemic that has been taking down the NCAA media, one writer at a time. This is partly because I don’t like to circulate hearsay (unless it is really really funny), but mostly because I know Jadeveon has grown weary of the whole process and media circus that goes with it … and I have a very good feeling I will be working next to him
for the next couple of years … so I have no desire to make his life more difficult than it already has been.

However, I do have an anonymous “man in the know”, who is very close to Jadeveon, and today he passed along some great information.

First, an unconfirmed rumor had been circulating that Clowney would unofficially be taking an unofficial
visit to Clemson this week, unofficially.

This rumor unofficially got under my skin a tad because if you have been keeping up, I have been unofficially suspicious of Clemson’s recruiting practices since they inexplicably picked up four 5-star recruits on Signing Day.

Also, Jadeveon had mentioned during his ESPN interview that he had a good visit to Clemson.

The rumor appeared to have been unofficially true, as today, Clowney officially canceled this unofficial visit.

The other unofficial rumor was that Clowney was now considering Oregon, and that he will be making an official visit there this weekend. This is not only false, it is stupid.  Officially.

…and then there were two…

Well, maybe not.

Yesterday, as most people were caught up in the Super Bowl, Clowney’s coach Bobby Carroll was unofficially talking to the media.  Coach Carroll confirmed the same feeling I got during Clowney’s ESPN interview on Signing Day, that Clowney’s interest in Alabama had been slowly dwindling.

Carroll also alluded to the fact that the unofficial superstar had his mind unofficially made up already.

Of course, Clowney’s coach did not reveal his decision, but earlier this afternoon, I received this text from my unofficial “man in the know”:

“I realize that this is becoming stalker-ish, but Clowney wore Gamecock gear [to school] today”

I am not going to officially or unofficially start any rumors, but unofficially, I would say that Jadeveon Clowney’s unofficial list is down to South Carolina, South Carolina, South Carolina, Clemson, and South Carolina.

Unofficially, of course.